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For Sale by Owner – Home Selling Tips

Take a business-like approach to selling your house in order to maintain clarity throughout the process.
Make a “preparation” appointment with real estate attorney or title company to insure proper inspection deadlines are met.

Prepare your house for buyers -
1.      Trim or remove over-grown landscaping
2.      Power-wash the exterior of the home and the driveway
3.      Touch up or repaint exterior (don’t forget the first impressions a front door can make)
4.      Wash your windows and repair/replace damaged screens and windows
5.      Assess the unique scent your home has and make necessary changes - must smell clean and welcoming
6.      De-clutter and depersonalize your home.  Remove photos from walls and knick-knacks from shelves.  Put unnecessary/valuable items away during the selling process
7.      Make repairs to the items that you know are broken
8.      Neutralize your homes color scheme and give it a fresh coat of paint if necessary
9.      Clean your house from top to bottom
10.    Have a friend or neighbor walk through the house as a potential buyer and give you their thoughts.

Research your asking price -
1.      Use the advanced search feature on OwnATexasHome to look for homes that are for sale in your zip code with similar features, particularly number of bedrooms, bathrooms, overall square footage, the same year built and in your particular housing development when possible
2.      Use additional sites such as Zillow.com and Trulia.com to thoroughly research the current market trends in your neighborhood (beware of FREE information as it's not necessarily accurate)
3.      Consider having a professional appraisal done to give you the most accurate market value for your house costing about $350.  Call Michael with 1st Appraisal Choice at (972) 672-6655 or visit his site at http://www.1stappraisal.net/ .

Market your home -
1.      Take numerous photos of your house both inside and out at different times of the day.  Choose the ones that capture your house in the best light.  (Remember to remove mail from countertops, close closet doors, and put toilet seats down before photographing).
2.      Use your photos to create a virtual tour/slide show using a program like iMovie or PowerPoint and upload it to YouTube
3.      Create a professional and detailed sales flyer with photos
4.      Advertise your house on OwnATexasHome for one, three, six or twelve months and take advantage of our marketing and web site traffic from buyers specifically looking at FSBO type houses available and take advantage of all the marketing we do to drive traffic to our web site
5.      Submit a classified ad in your local newspaper
6.      Share photos and details on our www.Facebook.com/TXOwnerFinanceHomes fan page
7.      Create a website or Facebook page for your home
8.      Put “For Sale by Owner” signs in your yard and nearby intersections.  Place your sales flyer in a waterproof container along with the sign(s) and remember to keep it full
9.      Post your flyer at the housing office of your local military installation and on bulletin boards at local grocery stores and churches
10.    Consider listing your home on MLS (Multiple Listing Service).  This option does come with a fee and may result in having to pay a commission to the buyer’s agent and of course keep your house ready to show at a drop of the hat and leave the house for the showings.  If you are considering Listing your home please consider calling Devon and Alberto Reyes at (817) 586-5902 / 817) 586-5894 and tell them Tim sent you.

Showing your house -
1.      Be available to potential buyers as often as necessary.  If you don’t show it, you won’t sell it
2.      Enlist the help of family, friends, and neighbors to help you when necessary
3.      Set out a notebook where potential buyers can leave their honest feedback for you.  Use this information to help improve your chances of securing a sale.

Be prepared with necessary documents -
1. Have your necessary sales documents standing by to sell your house.

Accept an Offer to Purchase from pre-qualified buyers only -
1.      Ask to see a “Pre-Approval Letter” from buyer prior to entertaining any offer.  This will save time and heartache if buyer cannot obtain financing
2.      Carefully consider each offer and your counter offer.  If stuck on price, look for other creative options to counter including the negotiation of repairs, closing costs and fees.

Employ the services of a local title co to handle the actual closing such as Martin Garcia with Texas Secure Title (817) 519-8800 in Fort Worth.
Pay Day - Enjoy the proceeds from all of your hard work!  You deserve it, selling a home does take a lot of effort to be successful in today’s market.
Sound like too much work and you just don’t have the time to sell by owner, yes "We Do Buy Houses FA$T!", Any price, condition, or reason, even with little to no equity.

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